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Young Professional needed for the following volunteering role:

Graphic Artist: Adult Literacy Rural Trust is looking for a volunteer to redesign their current business cards and possibly logo. They would like an eye-catching logo that will stand out on their various promotional advertising they do to attract low literacy students.
Work can be done from home but will be supported by phone, email and skype.

Good design skills and imagination.
Time commitment: Time is flexible but they would like to order the cards as soon as possible during October.

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Our Community Investment Programme (CIP)

This new and exciting initiative is a part of who we are as an organization, and empowers young professionals to contribute their skills and expertise to their communities and positively influence others to do the same. It utilizes the skills young professionals have, providing you with information to inspire and put volunteering into practice. It provides opportunities for you to contribute your skills, as part of a supportive network of other young professionals doing the same.


We want you to be empowered to be better citizens and better leaders. Volunteering gives you a sense of making a difference and contributing to a larger purpose than just meeting financial goals. It gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction, making you happier and ultimately more productive.

Why get involved?

It also brings a huge range of other personal and professional benefits:


  • New skills and creativity: being able to tackle the same management issues (such as strategy development, allocating funds, complying with regulations), without the same resources or organisational authority.
  • The art of mediation and persuasion: skills to achieve a common vision and manage staff concerns and insights all while knowing when to encourage and when to let the team relax.
  • Networking opportunities: with peers, senior executives and other companies involved with the organisation. It also enables you to look for leadership capabilities in others and perhaps future mentors.
  • Map out your future: being exposed to new organisations may help you navigate your future career path.
  • Boost your CV: volunteering is increasingly valued by employers to be as important as work experience.
  • Step outside your comfort zone: It allows you to usie skills you have but may not get to use often. Also allows opportunities to gain new skills in ethics, accountability, group dynamics, crisis management and communications. It gives you the opportunity to try new challenges without the fear of financial or career repercussions.
  • Inspiration and new ways of working: from people who are passionate about what they do and hungry to learn new skills. You are also exposed to individuals with diverse work habits, skill sets, and personalities.
  • Growth through reflection: through mentoring and relaying your career path and advice.
  • Widening your context: becoming more aware of social issues, needs and characteristics of different socioeconomic groups while gaining skills in reconciling the various, and often conflicting, demands of a multitude of stakeholders and special interests.
  • Develop a personal brand: gain skills such as confidence, positivity, authenticity to develop your personal brand.

How to get involved?

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